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Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of all our patients. Patient's personal health information will not be sold by this practice to marketing companies.

All information about patients held at our clinics is kept in the strictest confidence. IceFire Physiotherapy clinic typically requires a range of 'personal information' in order to carry out its business. 'Personal information' is essentially information from which you can be identified. This Privacy Policy explains the clinic's approach to the handling of personal information, and how we comply with our privacy obligations.

IceFire Physiotherapy clinic remains committed to the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000. If you provide us with information about your health, we strive to ensure that our handling of that information complies with applicable State and Territory health records legislation. IceFire Physiotherapy clinic collects personal information from it's clients, contractors, employees, and people we do business with.

This information is needed so that we can provide clients with personalised health services; and conduct our business. Business matters include administering: accounts, charging fees, and communicating with our clients and business contacts.

The personal information we collect about our clients includes:

  1. Identification Information, including each client's name, address, contact details including telephone numbers, and date of birth. Email addresses are, and have always been, collected with the proviso that you are happy to provide your email address so that we may contact you at any time in the future.
  2. Health information, including injured areas, nature of your problems, and other such information required in the course of treatment. Only that health information which is relevant to your health care is collected. Personal information is needed to provide professional health services, and is collected from: phone conversations with our staff when patients make their initial appointment via phone or in person; application forms; when clients attend our clinics; and when clients communicate with us through our website.
We also collect:

- Business Contact Information from and about our suppliers and other people we do business with. This information is needed so that we can manage our business.

As indicated, we use personal information to provide health services, to manage and administer client accounts, and to operate our business.

For example, if you are a client, we will use your personal information to process your registration, charge you treatment fees and administer your account. We will also use your personal information to communicate with you, including answering any enquires you may have. We typically use patients' mobile phone contact numbers, with their verbal permission, to send SMS reminder calls about future appointments. If patients prefer, we will strive not to do so and instead make a verbal phone call reminder or no reminder.

Unless you tell us otherwise, we may also use clients' personal information to mail out special promotions, newsletters and other marketing material.

For instance, IceFire Physiotherapy clinic may email its clients information about its own promotions. If you don't want us to do this, we give you an opportunity to refuse to provide your email address. However, you can opt out at any time by contacting our clinics.

From time to time IceFire Physiotherapy clinic wishes to examine trends in how quickly people recover from injuries. It looks at things like whether new therapies have given faster returns to work and play, compared with the old therapy techniques. Thus we may look at information such as your age, gender, occupation, co-morbidities, current diagnosis and how long you were receiving therapy and how well you were when the therapy finished. IceFire Physiotherapy clinic does this clinical research in a way that does not identify you personally. This information will benefit future patients, so that we can identify which therapy techniques were most effective and which ones were not. This research may be published in professional journals or similar publications, or presented at professional conferences and seminars. Just like in medicine, the therapies are continually discovering new ways to do things. If you do not wish your de-identified information to be used in therapy reviews please let us know by telling us at the time of your consultation.

On rare occasions, IceFire Physiotherapy clinic shares patient's personal information with others. Like most businesses, sometimes we outsource or "contract out" specific health services from time to time, and this may mean that our contractors see your personal information. For instance, sometimes we may engage IT contractors to maintain our databases. All our contractors are subject to strict confidentiality obligations. That means that they are authorised only to use personal information in order to provide the services, or to perform the functions, required by us.

We will disclose personal information if we are under a legal requirement to do so, such as being ordered by a court, or if required under legislation, or if an authorised request is made from a law enforcement agency.

IceFire Physiotherapy clinic tries to ensure that all the personal information that we hold about patients is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

IceFire Physiotherapy clinic takes reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we hold is stored in a secure environment, and protected from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We remind our staff and contractors of the importance of storing personal information in a secure way, and to treat it like confidential information.

Generally, IceFire Physiotherapy clinic will handle personal information collected online consistently with the way that it handles personal information collected offline. Other matters specific to the handling of personal information online are set out below.

Email/SMS marketing

We will not email or SMS you marketing material unless you have consented to this verbally or in writing. This is a requirement of the Spam Act 2003. Further, you can unsubscribe from our e-newsletter or other bulletins by using the "unsubscribe" facility contained in each electronic publication we send.

Website security policy

Our websites incorporate up-to-date technology to optimise the security of your personal information.

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy or this Privacy Policy, please contact us in one of the following ways:
  1. provide a written request or written complaint at one of our clinics;
  2. Send correspondence to: Director, Privacy Policy, IceFire Physiotherapy clinic, P.O. Box 618, Albany Creek Qld 4035;
  3. Phone: 07, 3205 7019;
  4. Email: info@icefirephysiotherapy.com.au Please type in 'Privacy Policy' in the email's subject heading.
This Privacy Policy applies to IceFire Physiotherapy clinic, related clinics such as IceFire Physiotherapy clinic, our employees and contractors. IceFire Physiotherapy clinic may change its Privacy Policy at any time. This Privacy Policy was last updated in November 2012.

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