Does the Size of Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tears Relate to the Amount of Pain Experienced?

IntroductionIn 2016 I attended the brilliant Musculoskeletal and Sports International Master Class for physiotherapists by Dr Chris Littlewood. Dr Littlewood was at that time a Senior Research Fellow with the University of Sheffield. This event was organised by the Australian Physiotherapists Association. New treatment ideas were presented for...
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Will using my mobile phone cause brain cancer?

IntroductionAt IceFire Physiotherapy in Brendale, Jonathan Clerke is often asked health related questions, even though they are not directly related to physiotherapy. Perhaps this is in part because he has a science degree with honours, as well as a physiotherapy degree. The physiotherapy degree at the University of Queensland did include stud...
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How active can I be after a hip replacement?

Many people have Total Hip Replacement (THR) – also called a Total Hip Arthroplasty; in Australia alone about 19,000 of these operations are carried out each year. Some Australian orthopaedic surgeons perform as many as 150 a year. The surgery does of course require the cessation of some activities for varying periods of time after the op...
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Will taking chondroitin sulfate help relieve the osteoarthritis symptoms in my knee?

What is osteoarthritis? It is a disease affecting several different structures that make up most joints in the human body. These structures include: Articular cartilage, which is the thin rubbery film that lines the surfaces of bones when they come together to make a joint; Sub-chondral bone, which is the surface of the bones immediately below...
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Does smoking tobacco cigarettes slow down the healing of soft-tissue wounds? Part 1

BackgroundOver 1 billion people in the world smoke tobacco, and of these around 5 million die each year. Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including nicotine, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide.Is there any harm in having only only two smokes per day?Smoking as few as 2 cigarettes per day doubles the number of cells in your blood str...
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How do I know if my back pain or other joint pain is caused by Ross River Fever virus?

​My physiotherapy clinic is located in Brendale, with nearby suburbs being Warner, Albany Creek, Eatons Hill, Strathpine, Cashmere and Bracken Ridge. Being in the sub-tropics, many of my clients have known someone who has had Ross River Fever, and some patients have unfortunately experienced the virus themselves. Partly because of this, I became ve...
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Does being overweight make my neck and back pain feel worse?

Like the vast majority of physiotherapists who have their clinics in a suburban setting close to a major city in a developed country, many of my patients are overweight, and some are obese. This is despite the fact that many are exercising and watching their diets.My physiotherapy clinic is located in Brendale, with nearby suburbs including Wa...
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